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Product Id: CCLG

We are so excited to introduce this incredible line of authentically detailed North American wildlife plush. Never before have we been able to order such a complete and comprehensive collection! Price includes white bandana with full color logo. Size: 13" Average shipping 1.00 per piece. Animals may be assorted every 6 pcs. Maximum imprint area 1" x 1" . Set Up: $48

Size:  LEN: 13"
Imprint Area:  LEN: 1" x 1" .
Screen Charge: 48

Begin an Order

Go on! You know you want 'em! Give us the details, and we'll setup a proof for your approval before printing.

Note that orders for this product must be placed in multiples of 6.

Alligator ( Ccr-2670 ) Arctic Fox ( Ccr-2180a ) Armadillo ( Ccr-2870 ) Bald Eagle ( Ccr-2760ebl ) Black Bear ( Ccr-2990bk ) Black Tip Shark ( Ccr-2550bt ) Cheetah Cub ( Ccr-2310 ) Elephant ( Ccr-2240 ) Flamingo ( Ccr-2760fl ) Green Sea Turtle ( Ccr-2610g ) Harp Seal Pup ( Ccr-2530hp ) Iguana ( Ccr-2660gn ) Large Mouth Bass ( Ccr-2681blm ) Loggerhead Turtle ( Ccr-2610lh ) Lynx ( Ccr-2350lx ) Meerkat ( Ccr-2440 ) Moray Eel ( Ccr-2580mr ) Orca ( Ccr-2500k ) Rainbow Trout ( Ccr-2680trb ) Red Fox ( Ccr-2180r ) Red Panda ( Ccr-2210r ) Sand Tiger Shark ( Ccr-2550st ) Sloth ( Ccr-2110 ) Snow Leopard Cub ( Ccr-2340sn ) Tiger Cub ( Ccr-2360 ) Tortoise ( Ccr-2620ds ) Wallaby ( Ccr-2230w ) Whitetail Buck ( Ccr-2830dwtb ) Whitetailed Deer Fawn ( Ccr-2830dwtf ) Wild Dog ( Ccr-2200waf ) Common Garter Snake (ccr-2171gt) Catfish ( Ccr-2680ct ) Yellow-bellied Marmot ( Ccr-2750myb ) Wolf (ccr-2190) Black-footed Penguin (ccr- 2720bf) Black Rat Snake (ccr-2171rbl) Blue Whale (ccr-2500bl) Blue Shark (ccr-2550bl) Dolphin (ccr-2510) Fennec Fox (ccr-2180f) Giraffe (ccr-2040) Jaguar Cub (ccr-2330) Manatee (ccr-2850) Spotted Eagle Ray (ccr-2640se) Zebra (ccr-2140) Lion - Plush (ccr-2320) White Tiger Cub - Plush (ccr-2360w) Cougar Cub - Plush (ccr-2380) Camel - Plush (ccr-2420) Prairie Dog - Plush (ccr-2430pd) Sea Lion - Plush (ccr-2570) Sea Otter - Plush (ccr-2600s) Pelican - Plush (ccr-2760pl) Barn Owl - Plush (ccr-2760obn) Coyote Pup (ccr- 2150cy) Gray Fox (ccr-2180g) Harbor Seal Pup (ccr-2530hb) Great White Shark (ccr-2550gw) Capybara Pup (ccr-2750cp)
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