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08.19.2017 #28: There is nothing I believe in more than the power of summer camp. #campconfessions
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03.12.2017 #798: Camp is the only place where
10.17.2016 #864: Being a counselor is the closest to celebrity status I will ever achieve. #campconfessions

Our Team

I have devoted my entire career to knowing what camps need, how to best serve you, and who YOU are. Every year, we attempt to bring together all that we have learned from you in the most creative and comprehensive product line anywhere. I, and my talented and dedicated team, thank you for letting us work with such an incredible family of people...camp people. I owe everything to you.

Throughout this website, our catalog and our social media feeds you will find that we have made you and your own works from #campconfessions the star of the show. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I'm taken over by emotion. This reminds us, and hopefully you, what an incredibly devoted, playful and creative community you are, and how wonderful it is to be a part of it. We will continue to share your feedback, your stories, and what you teach us...with you. Camps help camps, that just how it is, and you are our speciality.

Sarah Williams



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