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Neutron Sold Out, Twice! Greenwood Trails Camp

Greenwood Trails Neutron photos

Way to go Neutron! This special puppy is a Guiding Eyes for the Blind graduate. Part of his training took place at Greenwood Trails this summer, so the camp ordered black lab animals to sell at their camp store.

"He quickly became our mascot and his stuffed likeness sold out very quickly (twice). Everyone wanted one because they knew they wouldn't see him next year since he would be in his next part of his training."

Make your stuffed animals work for you! Do you have a mascot, camp pet or programming around specific animals? Let us know what animals are important to you and even if it's an animal that we don't normally carry, we will find it for you! That is what we did for Greenwood Trails and it worked out great.


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